Leadership Consulting

Leader-Teamwork Challenge Course Investment Opportunity for Resorts & Training Facilities

Attract a Steady Stream of High-Quality Customers with Low-Cost, High-Impact, Fun,
 Meaningful, Immersive, 

Leadership, Teamwork & Communication Training! 

How can you stand out from the rest of the resort crowd? 

How can you escape from the downward price pressure of low-cost tour groups?

What cost-effective features can you add to your property to attract customers? 

How can you stabilize income throughout the year? 

Are You Ready to Catch the MICE Market?

-2015 Business tourists: 1 million+ 
– Expected to grow at 8% through 2020
– MICE arrivals are 5% of international travelers, but make up 10% of earnings 
– Business tourists spend 1.85 times as much as leisure travelers 
– MICE tourists generate revenue year-round, even during low season 

Offer Fun with a Purpose: 
Build a Leadership/Team Challenge Course!

– Low-Cost Infrastructure
– Value Comes From Problem-Solving and Capturing Life Lessons
– Drive a constant stream of quality customers to your resort, regardless of season.
– Attractive to both domestic and international market.

How It Works

– Prepare the Teams with Engaging Presentations
– Put Principles into Practice on the Course
– Teams are Challenged to Complete Tasks in 15-20 minutes with Limited Resources Requiring Creative Thinking
– Review Sessions Afterwards to Capture Life Lessons
– The Real Value is in the Activity, Making the Model Difficult to Duplicate by Competitors

Stand Out From This Crowd!

Yes, There are Competitors for Team-Building.
But No One Offers a Resort Challenge Course
Run by Professional Experience!

Lt Col Robert Cummings, PhD


Andaman Inspirations Leadership-Teamwork Multi-Cultural Training

We offer leadership, teamwork, and cross-cultural training in English, Thai, and Chinese languages, tailored to meet your organization’s needs. Topics can include the following:

  • Organizational and Personal Purpose and Values
  • Leadership Traits — Who Good Leaders Are
  • Leader and Manager Differences and Similarities
  • Leadership Principles–What Good Leaders Practice
  • Leadership Styles
    • Delegative
    • Participative
    • Directive
  • Crisis Leadership
  • Motivating People
  • Habits of Good Leaders
  • Leader Role in Planning and Continuous Improvement
  • Team Building Techniques
  • Leaders and Organizational Culture
  • Building a Positive Culture
    • Positive Work Environment
    • Positive Relationships
    • Positive Communications
    • Positive Meaning

Sample Agenda — On-Site Afternoon Leadership Seminar


Sample Activities

Activity Perfect Culture

Activity Positive Relations

Sample Lesson Topic

Sample Lesson Positive Meaning