Month: February 2021

Doi Langa Noi Hike

This hike starts at Wat Mae Ton วัดแม่ตอน. The drive to the wat, on Road 1252, which comes off of Highway 118, winds through lovely mountain scenery with a plethora of charming coffee shops. From the Wat, turn right and look for the small brown signs with white lettering for Doi Langa. The trail is

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How to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness Through Insight

A Review of Dr. Tasha Eurich’s Book Insight Is Introspection the Road to Self-Awareness? What do you picture in your mind when you think of someone practicing “introspection”? A Buddhist hermit perched on a rock in the mountains? Maybe a hippie gazing at his navel? Or maybe a high-powered tech executive practicing mindfulness to get

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