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How to Improve Your Leadership Effectiveness Through Insight

A Review of Dr. Tasha Eurich’s Book Insight Is Introspection the Road to Self-Awareness? What do you picture in your mind when you think of someone practicing “introspection”? A Buddhist hermit perched on a rock in the mountains? Maybe a hippie gazing at his navel? Or maybe a high-powered tech executive practicing mindfulness to get

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5 Reasons You Should join…or start…a book discussion group

You’ve probably seen the ads of how big CEOs read 60 books a year. That’s marketing hype, but it’s true that leaders should constantly up their game with knowledge. So, why not join, or start, a book discussion group? Here’s some benefits: Meet & make new friends. Social interaction improves our well-being & longevity. Meeting

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Rolling Tire Change: Safety Attitudes & Culture

When expatriate supervisors or advisors are working in foreign cultures, they need to understand & appreciate the local environment.  Attitudes toward what risks are acceptable can be diverse. We need to implement & enforce standards, but should also be patient in not blaming people who have been immersed in high risk-tolerant cultures.  Working on fail-safe

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Leadership Isn’t Built on Good Intentions

Historian Jacques Barzun’s observation about the last 500 years of Western civilization applies to more than just general society & culture. “The point at which good intentions exceeded the power to fulfill them marked for the culture the onset of decadence.”  At the individual leader level, we can’t get by with merely good intentions. We

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Leader Legacy

The measure of great leaders lies not in just their accomplishments, but in the leaders that they develop as their legacy.  If we’re concerned about establishing something lasting and bigger than ourselves, it’s not enough to be personally excellent. Truly great leaders don’t fear their replacement, they grow them. A chain of leadership exists in

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Cultural Differences in Leader Expectations

Cultural differences in expectations of leaders can be manifest in clothing styles. An HSBC bank “Different Points of View” ad campaign captured this by showing diverse interpretations of wearing suits versus casual clothes. In a culture that values adherence to hierarchy, which includes most Asian cultures, the leader is expected to dress more formally. In

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The Leader-Follower Dynamic Loop

5 Leadership Lessons From a Crazy Dancing Guy Entrepreneur Derek Sivers popularized this dancing guy 8 years ago with his observations about leadership. I think there’s more to learn.  Everyone is a leader…we’re almost always in a dual role of being a follower &  leader. Followers don’t just copy. In this video, we see followers

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Building, Defending, & Maintaining Culture

The full story may not be out, but it appears that a Southwest Airlines gate agent acted inappropriately when she saw an unexpected name for a child. When a mother names a child with an unusual name that is not obvious how to pronounce, she might expect unusual reactions, but apparently the gate agent went

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The Power of Thankfulness

Thankfulness empowers us. Thankfulness brings positive outcomes. Thankfulness is a powerful tool for leaders. Shawn Achor’s book The Happiness Advantage is an excellent resource that you can find here: He also has one of the most popular TED talks with over 18 million views on the subject, which you can watch here:

How Different Cultures See Bad Behavior

The arrest of Nissan chairman Carlos Ghosn shocked the financial world. Will his behavior be attributed to the context of the situation, or will he be vilified for having a bad character? The story is still developing, but there is interesting evidence that Dependent and Interdependent cultures see causes for behavior differently.A study of Chinese

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