While doing my morning hike yesterday, huffing and puffing through the jungle up to Phalad Temple, I had this thought about making progress in our lives.

How would we climb Mount Everest?

The same way we climb the hill behind our home…

one step at a time.

When the hill becomes steeper, we just take smaller steps and keep going.

When we meet an obstacle in the path, we find a way around, over, or through it…as long as we keep going…


Author: CummingsRL

Lt. Col. Robert Cummings, completed his PhD dissertation on the Thai-Chinese community in Hat Yai at Chulalongkorn University. He has an MA-International Studies and MBA. A retired US Air Force command pilot and Asian Affairs specialist, he served as assistant professor of history at the Air Force Academy and assistant air attaché in the US Embassy, Bangkok, Thailand. Conversationally fluent in Chinese and Thai, he currently resides in Thailand.

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