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Mother’s Day Special: What Has Your Mom Taught You About Leadership?

Special days for appreciating and thanking mothers are celebrated around the world at different times in different cultures. In the United States, Mother’s Day is officially recognized on the 2nd Sunday of May. In honor of that tradition, here are some thoughts on what my mom taught me about leadership. Let’s start a conversation…Please share

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Lead From Behind

To be a leader you don’t need to be the star of the show. Leadership doesn’t mean shining in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s about fulfilling your role, leading your team in support of something bigger than you.

Seeing Red: 7 Ways to Overcome Your Confirmation Bias

Imagine driving down the highway, and suddenly a red flash cuts you off and zooms recklessly ahead, quickly disappearing in the distance. You think to yourself, “What a jerk! Thinks he doesn’t have to obey rules…he’s going to kill somebody! It figures he’s in a red Porsche…” And from that point you draw a conclusion

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When Setting Goals Becomes TOXIC

When I was in the US Air Force, I witnessed several examples of the downside of goal-setting. The structure of promotion often rewarded holding certain positions over the actual performance in the position. One example particularly sticks in my mind of a “fast burner,” or someone on the fast promotion track, who was shifted over

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50+ Years of Automated Teller Machines…Why Didn’t Teller Jobs Disappear?

Last year in June, the ATM celebrated its 50th birthday. So, if tellers have been “automated" for over 50 years, why do we still have tellers? And what does this tell us about the AI threat to jobs that everyone fears? Many people thought that the ATMs would eventually wipe out teller jobs, but in

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Create a Better Story of Yourself

Life is difficult, and we will encounter challenges. We’ll come to places where we need to step up and grow. This is a common story about everyone, told in different ways. Here’s one story about making a decision to change…to break barriers. Your Story: Your Experience of Soft Power Skills Academy from Soft Power Skills

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Engaging Workers is the Boss’s Job

Only 15% of workers globally reported being engaged in their jobs. That’s a leadership crisis that requires Soft Power Skills to solve.

The Curious Relationship Between Power and Empathy

Power Corrupts Try this experiment—think of times in which you felt powerful, such as when you felt very much in control of your life. Now, go take the empathy quiz at this link (you can scroll down past the introduction to take the quiz). Would you be surprised to know that feeling powerful may turn off

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18 Ways to Make a Bad Decision

We like to think we make reasonable, rational decisions…but there are many more pitfalls than we realize leading to irrationality. The first step in avoiding those traps is being aware of them. Come take a look at our complex mind, and how we often deceive ourselves.

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การปฏิวัติของหุ่นยนต์ได้เริ่มขึ้นแล้ว! คำถามคือความรู้และทักษะต่างๆที่เราเรียนรู้จากโรงเรียนจะยังสามารถสร้างรายได้เลี้ยงชีพให้กับเราได้อยู่หรือไม่? แต่ไม่ต้องตื่นตระหนกไป ข่าวดี…เราจะยังสามารถพัฒนาความได้เปรียบของเราได้ อาทิ ซอฟต์ พาวเวอร์ สกิลส์ หรือทักษะด้านสังคม เป็นต้น อ่านต่อไปเพื่อค้นหาว่าทักษะอะไรที่พาคุณผ่านพ้นการปฏิวัติครั้งนี้ได้