Bad Boss Big Loss

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My brother works at a small start-up manufacturing consumer dietary products, & recently told me a story with a good lesson.

The boss has been very successful in growing this company, & knows his product & market very well.

But product competency doesn’t equal leadership competency.

In a recent meeting, in which this boss quizzes his employees on information relevant to their manufacturing operations, he directed a review question to a female employee, “How many grams in a kilogram?” Whether due to the pressure of the situation, or actual forgetfulness, she could not recall the answer, which sent the boss into a fit of rage. “How many times do we have to go over this #!@*!!! blah blah blah.”

That day, the woman walked off the job & hasn’t returned.

So now this small company has to find, hire, & train a new recruit. While this boss has been counting pennies, he’s driven pounds of cash out his door.

What would you do in this situation if you were

  1. that female worker? or

2. a co-worker witnessing the event?

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