Humble Leadership

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Cosmic events are always good reminders of our humble place in the vastness of space. 

In August 2017 a total eclipse swept over the United States, dubbed “The Great American Eclipse.” It’s an amazing coincidence of timing that the moon is the just the right size to produce this phenomenon—the moon’s body is the perfect size and distance to match the apparent size of the sun because, although the sun is 400 times bigger than the moon, it’s also 400 times closer to earth. But the moon is slowly pulling away from us (by 3.8 centimeters/year), so this won’t always be the case. In about 50 million years, the moon will be too far away to completely block the sun from our view.

Humility that can come from considering “Vastness at every opportunity in order to see the smallness of yourself” is a key ingredient of effective leadership. Leaders often rise through the ranks because of strong self-confidence, but this makes us vulnerable to making ourselves seem too important. History is full of leaders whose pride became their downfall. Pride stops us from developing human potential in others, and blinds us to innovation & change. 

So, here’s a leadership tip for tonight—gaze up into the cosmos, & consider your smallness.

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