Reckless Thai Motorcycle Mama

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This video is shocking. 

How could a mother endanger lives by texting & driving a motorcycle with hands off the handle bar?

But should we blame this woman, or take a look at the culture that made her think this is ok?

Thailand has the world’s 3rd highest per capita rate of motorcycle-related fatalities, and 9th highest road death rate of all types.

A driver culture persists that makes it acceptable that traffic laws can be ignored (driving on the shoulder opposite traffic, running red lights are common), or vehicles need not be fit for service (inoperable taillights, grossly overloaded vehicles). Police rarely patrol roads seeking & stopping hazardous behavior/conditions, preferring to set up stationary checkpoints focusing on easier tasks such as levying fines for no helmet—neglecting the root of the problem.

Culture change is hard, but absolutely necessary. 

Yes, that driver’s actions are reprehensible, but it should cause reflection on the circumstances that led to that. The same is true for any human organization in which we see undesirable behavior, such as in high reliability organizations with safety violations. 

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