5 Reasons You Should join…or start…a book discussion group

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You’ve probably seen the ads of how big CEOs read 60 books a year. That’s marketing hype, but it’s true that leaders should constantly up their game with knowledge. So, why not join, or start, a book discussion group? Here’s some benefits:

  1. Meet & make new friends. Social interaction improves our well-being & longevity. Meeting for a book discussion takes awkwardness out of making social contacts. You’ve already got a built-in conversation starter that’s more interesting than discussing the weather (hot!) or traffic (sucks!).
  2. Escape your mental prison. You’ll get challenged to read something you may not have chosen for yourself…and may not even agree with! Learn new things and exchange new ideas. By the way, making the commitment with a deadline to read the book, so you can participate, is a good motivator to get off your mental duff and read! 
  3. Add value to what you read. If you read on your own, you’ll get plenty of return on your time investment; but sharing ideas multiplies the value. Gain breadth to what you read with multiple perspectives, and depth by hearing the thoughtful insights of people with their own areas of expertise.
  4. Engage in some of the most interesting, far-flung conversations you’ll ever experience. The book is just a jumping off point for exploring any range of topics. At a recent discussion I had about the book “Circe,” we pondered what it means to be true to ourselves, whether people can defy their fate and break molds they’ve been forced into, what roles gods played and what our modern “gods” are, how modern media reflects ancient themes, whether Thai ghost stories serve the same purpose as other mythological tales, and even the nature of our human consciousness.
  5. It’s fun. Meet in a relaxed atmosphere with good food & drink. Share life & friendship. 

The books you choose don’t all have to be about leadership or management. Read fiction, history, science…the wider you search, the more creative and colorful you’ll make your world. 

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