Climbing Krabi

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Krabi’s majestic limestone karsts stand as ever-vigilant sentinels looking over the verdant tropical landscape. To the adventuresome, the mountains call to be climbed. Climbing challenges us to overcome our fears, to patiently listen to our bodies, to move with planning and deliberation, and above all, to trust. Body and mind focus intently on feet and hand position, while overcoming the nervous dread of slipping and falling. We learn to take chances, to step out in faith, and to trust others to keep us safe. And when we do slip and fall, we pick ourselves up and keep going.

The video below is from my second climbing excursion in Chong Phli, Krabi, Thailand.

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  1. Thanks for sharing the benefits of climbing – I never knew but the your points make sense. An intense workout I would imagine!

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