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A Note About Ready, Set…Goal!

Have you felt so focused on the urgent things that you haven't had time to make goals for the important things? Have you felt frustrated in making goals with sincere intentions, but then found only months later that you somehow got off track?

In this free booklet, I've gathered the latest and best research to give you a practical guide for properly defining goals, and then giving yourself the best chance at achieving them.  Setting goals can be the first step of turning our dreams into reality.

You can download in either of two formats: Interactive PDF, which works with any PDF reader, and ePub (in a zipped file), which opens in iBooks. The Interactive PDF has features that may not all work on mobile devices.

To collaborate with other high performers on goal-related projects designed to learn and practice leadership and soft power skills, join us at

Thank you, and wishing you the best in reaching your goals! -Coach Robert

You can view this practical workshop that covers some of the material in the book on choosing goals, making an action plan, and succeeding at accomplishing them based on scientifically-based principles.

Download the Interactive PDF here:

    Download the iBooks ePub here: 


      You can download a free Action Plan Template here.

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