Had Yao Beach, Krabi

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Had Yao (which means “Long Beach”) is a quiet beach located in Krabi, Thailand, populated mostly by Muslim fishermen, long-tail boat artisans, and farmers. It is my occasional home, where I enjoy jogging, biking, or just strolling to the gentle sounds of the surf rolling in. The local long-tail boat craftsmen are renowned throughout the southern regions of Thailand for their exceptional skills, and there’s nothing like the smell of the freshly-hewn wood as you stroll by their cottage industry. It’s a delight to see local fishermen and women wading out in the shallow surf casting their nets in the early morning or evening, often with rambunctious children in tow. Low tides bring out crowds of clam seekers, digging up a local delicacy which titillates the tongue with the spicy lime and chili seafood sauce. On special Chinese days, we even witness colorful rituals honoring gods of the sea. We have several boutique resorts here, and villas for rent…but mostly it’s a lovely, rustic setting with a daily symphony of birds, cattle, and goats with a chorus of frogs and crickets to welcome our cool, unpolluted, star-filled evenings. Please enjoy this video of my adopted home.




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