AI may not just take your job…it will replace your role as handy-person in the home!

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Scientists @ Nanyang Technological University in Singapore built a robot algorithm to put together an Ikea chair.

We may fear the onslaught of new technology, but a couple of IT experts envision a less fearsome future of robotics and humans. In “Human + Machine: Reimagining Work in the Age of AI” authors Paul Daugherty and James Wilson assert that we need not (and maybe cannot) be replaced by AI, but we can become more productive. For that to happen, we have to think more creatively and develop our superior human skills (which don’t include screwing chairs together). Daugherty identifies emotive capability, communication, improvisation, and generalization as some of the things humans do better than machines. The book explores “fusion skills,’ such as “judgment integration,” which involves decision-making that combines human and algorithm judgment.

Daugherty says in an interview on HBR Ideacast, in 5 years “I think we’ll be talking about the lack of more human-oriented skills, humanities types of skills that can design the experiences and manage the experiences that we’re creating using AI as we reimagine businesses, as we reshape products to use technology to interact with humans in a more human-like way.”

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