Amara’s Law & Underestimating the Future

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It seems the robot revolution is always “just around the corner.”

Truckers and taxi-drivers may be worried their jobs will be gone within a few years.

Patients wonder why our bio-technology hasn’t cured cancer after decades of research.

While technological advances are impressive, our expectations exceed reality…in the short run.

When Automated Teller Machines came on the scene, the banking world thought that teller jobs would disappear nearly overnight. In fact, they didn’t…but their roles evolved to other customer services, while technology indeed brought profound & unexpected changes to the financial sector.

In our instant gratification world, we think new technologies will have an immediate effect. But our short-term excitement turns to disappointment, or loss of interest, when changes don’t occur right away. This leads us to be caught unaware by the long-term effects.

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