Look Below the Surface

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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” How many times have you heard this?

If something is functioning well, why mess with it? This complacency attitude leads to stagnation at best, disaster at worst.

In 2007 a formidable fighter in the US arsenal experienced a catastrophic break-up during a routine flight. It turns out a structural part running the length of the plane, a “longeron,” had fatigue cracks that caused failure. Looking at other aircraft found that many such longerons were out of tolerance for required strength, some by as much as 40%! Before this accident (the pilot survived, the 41.7 million USD aircraft didn’t, and thankfully affected no one on the ground), no one had bothered to “look under the hood” to anticipate problems due to repeated stress on the fighter.

As General Powell said, we can’t shrink from looking below the surface just because we’re too lazy or too afraid to find something we don’t like. When things are going well is exactly the time to anticipate your future.

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