Can You “Unhear” Confirmation Bias?

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You are constantly changing…the “You” before you heard the recording and the “You” after the recording are like 2 different beings. Once we hold a pattern in our brains, it becomes very difficult to undo it, & our brain will easily seek out similar patterns. When we acquire a certain belief, we’ll see things that confirm that belief, even in a chaotic environment. 

This way of brain functioning was probably helpful for survival in a predatory world, where learning patterns of dangerous animals kept us away from them; but in the modern world, it’s difficult to learn new things if we keep looking for old patterns. We may think that we’re doing good research on a topic to enlighten ourselves, but this bias directs our attention to the things that we want to find, making it easy to either entrench wrong beliefs, or miss new truths. Overcoming the bias is difficult, but becoming aware of it is a 1ststep.

I’ve written a short article on some methods that might help overcome confirmation bias @

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