Everything is Trainable

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Everything (well, within the laws of physics!) that we want to accomplish is trainable.

It’s not just a matter of mindset…it takes establishing a goal and pursuing it with passion. 

Author and high performance coach reminds us that research indicates “you can get better at practically anything if you keep a growth mindset (the belief that you can improve with effort), focus on your goals with passion and perseverance, and practice with excellence.” You can read more from Brendon in his book High Performance Habits.

To work on setting and achieving your goals via an action plan, Soft Power Skills Academy invites you to join a free online, interactive workshop, next Tuesday, 8 January, 7 p.m. Bangkok time. In the live face-to-face Zoom session, I will briefly share points about choosing goals & filling out an action plan, & you’ll have a chance to network with other like-minded achievers. 

How to Sign Up:

Send email request to Connect@SoftPowerSkills.com


1. Go to 

2. Download Free e-Book “Ready, Set, Goal!” on Setting & Achieving Goals

3. We will send you a Free Action Plan Template and a link to the Zoom Workshop

4. Use the Link to Join the Live Session

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