5 Team Dysfunctions & How to Fix Them

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Teams often suffer from a hierarchy of 5 major dysfunctions, starting with a basic lack of trust, according to Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable. 

Without trust, they hold back opinions from others. 

Without open expression, the team will have difficulty committing to group goals. 

Without 100% commitment, people aren’t willing to take ownership of actions related to the objective. 

And finally, without taking responsibility, people don’t pay attention to results, but only what they can gain personally.

To overcome these dysfunctions, we can start with practices to increase trust. Build relationships based on respect for diversity of opinion.

Based on respect, encourage members to overcome fear of conflict. Don’t allow meetings to be shallow plays of just going with the flow. Dig for the real issues.

Once issues are all surfaced & a decision’s been made, publish the expectations & confirm understanding. 

Promote extreme ownership of individual actions, and base rewards on results.

Overall these solutions are about keeping open communication—the key job of a team leader.

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