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Trust…in Clear Communications

When we have a fully-formed idea in our mind, and try to communicate that to other people, it’s easy to overlook details that seem obvious to us. That perfect picture in our mind is still a black screen in the minds of others, waiting to be filled in with what we communicate. It’s important to confirm

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Meet Your Goals! Free Action Plan Workshop

Did you make any resolutions for 2019? How’s that going so far? Please enjoy & learn from this free, practical workshop on choosing goals, making an action plan, and succeeding at accomplishing them based on scientifically-based principles. More free materials are available at https://andamaninspirations.com/free-materials/ #SoftPowerSkills #Nspyr #InspireEmpowerChange

Using Priming & Timing to Persuade

One early morning, I watched local fishermen tending their nets as the tide slowly retreated, following the setting moon. Fishermen understand the importance of timing. They take in many factors of nature to decide when to cast their nets.  In persuading & influencing, we benefit from learning the right timing too. In Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way

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Expand Your Limits Through Language

The limits of my language are the limits of my world.    — Ludwig Wittgenstein, philosopher Are ideas independent of language? Can one person’s idea conceived in one language be completely translated into another language without loss? In our global world, even with Google translate or human interpreters, perfect communication is rarely possible. If you have

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5 Team Dysfunctions & How to Fix Them

Teams often suffer from a hierarchy of 5 major dysfunctions, starting with a basic lack of trust, according to Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team: A Leadership Fable.  Without trust, they hold back opinions from others.  Without open expression, the team will have difficulty committing to group goals.  Without 100% commitment,

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Guide to Effective Communication from The Princess Bride

Inigo Montoya, a character in the story “The Princess Bride,” provides a simple lesson on communicating. Step 1: Give a polite greeting. Step 2: State your name. Step 3: Establish a personal connection. Step 4: Manage expectations of the relationship. Learn effective communication, leadership, and soft skills at Soft Power Skills Academy, at https://www.softpowerskills.com  Network

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Communicating Thai Culture Through Body Language

Body language speaks much louder than words! The verbal portion of a message is responsible for only 7% of what people remember…body language accounts for 55% of what people retain. Body language is particularly important in the collectivist culture of Thailand, where it communicates the social order & respect.  I found a cute school project

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Making Better Decisions: 5 Practical Methods to Create More Choices

Our own brains can battle against effective decision-making because of cognitive biases. Limited models in our minds and unconscious efforts to take the easy and obvious road skew our view of the world of possibilities we should consider in a decision. But these 5 methods help us open up our options for better solutions.

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What do employers want and why is the education system failing them?

While the digitally-driven economy disrupts established ways, calling for workers with a balance of hard and soft power skills, the old education system is failing to produce what employers need. There is a solution. Just like Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb, technology can cut out the middle man in paradigm-shifting ways, connecting potential employees with employer needs, and motivating learners through autonomy, relatedness, and competency.