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Electricity & Water Spark a Leadership Lesson

Electrical shorts are probably the most common cause of fires in Thailand, according to one Bangkok firefighter, & yet this video from Thailand shows some very inadequate training for dealing with electrical fire. Paid firefighters in Thailand start out with a salary of only about $500 USD (15,000 Baht) per month; many join not just

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Every Team Member is Important!

Every team member is important! In a High Reliability Organization (HRO), every team member, no matter their position, must learn & practice the operational discipline of checklists & situational awareness. Mechanics are often unsung heroes in the aviation world. Fighter pilots get the attention & glory, but the maintainers make their exploits possible. In a serious

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If it ain’t broke….Anticipate it breakin’!

We can’t shrink from looking below the surface just because we’re too lazy or too afraid to find something we don’t like. When things are going well is exactly the time to anticipate our future.