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Thailand’s “Bead Mound” Krabi: Crossroads on the Maritime Silk Road

Little Red clutches the string of beads tightly as he gazes out over the stormy sea, the howling wind stinging his eyes with the white sea foam. A majestic sea eagle spreads its broad wings above his head, gracefully turning in the stiff breeze with its eye also out on the sea, as if to

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Understanding Interdependent/ Independent Cultures

Key to living & working in multi-cultural environments is understanding the Why of different values & behaviors. Parenting styles differ significantly between Interdependent & Independent cultures. Cross-cultural psychologists examined parent-child interactions in poorer rural Cameroon & India, compared to middle-class German pairs. The agricultural Cameroonian Nso and Indian Rajput cultures shared a style that promoted

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How We Learn Culture, Values, & Behavior

Human relations aren’t easy. Understanding the ways in which we develop our values, which affect behavior, can help deal with the complexity of human interaction. Much of what Western-trained behavioral scientists think they understand about culture, values, & behavior is based on a very narrow data set of WEIRD people—Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic. A

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