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Krabi, Beads, and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road

Awaiting a Homecoming The lanky dark-complexioned boy clutches the string of holy beads tightly as he gazes out over the stormy sea, the howling wind stinging his eyes with the white sea foam. A majestic sea eagle cries out and spreads its broad wings above his head, gracefully turning in the stiff breeze with its eye

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Understanding Interdependent/ Independent Cultures

Key to living & working in multi-cultural environments is understanding the Why of different values & behaviors. Parenting styles differ significantly between Interdependent & Independent cultures. Cross-cultural psychologists examined parent-child interactions in poorer rural Cameroon & India, compared to middle-class German pairs. The agricultural Cameroonian Nso and Indian Rajput cultures shared a style that promoted

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How We Learn Culture, Values, & Behavior

Human relations aren’t easy. Understanding the ways in which we develop our values, which affect behavior, can help deal with the complexity of human interaction. Much of what Western-trained behavioral scientists think they understand about culture, values, & behavior is based on a very narrow data set of WEIRD people—Western, Educated, Industrialized, Rich, Democratic. A

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