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Hiking Chiang Mai’s “Sticky Falls” — How This Rare Natural Wonder Got Its Super SpiderMan Power

Sticky Falls, or Namtok Buatong, in Chiang Mai is a rare natural wonder formed from carbonates that give a Spiderman-like grip even under the water. Take a look and learn how it got there!

Krabi, Beads, and the Ancient Maritime Silk Road

Awaiting a Homecoming The lanky dark-complexioned boy clutches the string of holy beads tightly as he gazes out over the stormy sea, the howling wind stinging his eyes with the white sea foam. A majestic sea eagle cries out and spreads its broad wings above his head, gracefully turning in the stiff breeze with its eye

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Taking the Bitter With the Sweet

If there were no night, we would not appreciate the day, nor could we see the stars and the vastness of the heavens. We must partake of the bitter with the sweet.       — James E. Faust, American religious leader Taking an attitude that anticipates dark periods of failure, while remaining hopeful of the bright seasons

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Chinese New Year Culture in Thailand

新年快樂!Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! Ethnic Chinese around Southeast Asia and the world celebrate the lunar calendar “Year of the Pig,” beginning 5 February.  There will be many days of festivities in places like Hat Yai, Thailand…a town largely founded by ethnic Chinese immigrants in the early 20thcentury. The culture is well-kept in the

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China’s Rise: Opportunity in Disruption

Disruptive innovation. Creative destruction. These are popular buzzwords that we might apply to a rapidly changing world economy. China’s relative & absolute rise in wealth has been astounding over the last 40 years. Their presence in the Asian & world market is certainly disruptive to the old order. This change is happening in the context

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