Mother’s Day Special: What Has Your Mom Taught You About Leadership?

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Special days for appreciating and thanking mothers are celebrated around the world at different times in different cultures. In the United States, Mother’s Day is officially recognized on the 2nd Sunday of May. In honor of that tradition, here are some thoughts on what my mom taught me about leadership. Let’s start a conversation…Please share what leadership lessons you learned from your mother in the comments section.

Maternal leadership training really starts from birth! Our first experience of human interaction begins with that first mother-child gaze. I learned irreplaceable lessons from my mother, who led by her selfless and hard-working example. She was a career school teacher, community volunteer, and foundation of our home.

Here are 9 specific leadership principles:

  1. A job well done is its own reward.
  2. Don’t expect other people to do what you can do for yourself.
  3. Give first, and generously. In the end, we gain more than we give.
  4. Give people the freedom to choose what they want to do…but whatever they decide to do, encourage them to give it their best.
  5. Never stop learning.
  6. Find a way to be thankful for everything that happens.
  7. Life is neither easy nor fair. People fail. Expect failure, forgive, learn from it, and grow stronger through adversity.
  8. Never pass up a chance to have fun with friends…and laugh as much as you can.
  9. Never lose the wonder of creation in the world. See beauty in the simple things.

The last two may seem only remotely related to leadership, but they are about wellbeing, and wellbeing is essential for making ourselves people that others want to follow.

Thank you to working mothers everywhere!

Take time to reflect on what you learned from your mother about leadership, and please let us know your thoughts.


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