The Leader-Follower Dynamic Loop

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5 Leadership Lessons From a Crazy Dancing Guy

Entrepreneur Derek Sivers popularized this dancing guy 8 years ago with his observations about leadership. I think there’s more to learn. 

Everyone is a leader…we’re almost always in a dual role of being a follower &  leader.

Followers don’t just copy. In this video, we see followers modify & the leader incorporates dance movements to make something even more complex and interesting.

Leaders and followers, as equals, learn from each other in a feedback loop.

“Being a first follower is an under-appreciated form of leadership. The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader.” – Derek

But here’s the tricky part. 

Leadership can be for good or bad. 

Following a nut can be dangerous if the nut is destructive. 

Being able to discriminate between good and bad, between worthy and unworthy, between positive creativity and negative destructiveness, is a vital aspect of being a leader with noble character. 


1. Leadership takes courage

2. We are both a leader and follower

3. The leader-follower dynamic loop leads to innovation

4. Nurture your followers, because followers emulate other followers

5. We must thoughtfully choose who, what, and how to follow & then call others to join.

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