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Elephant Camps and Waterfalls: Hiking Mae Wang

Mae Wang (แม่วาง) is a scenic mountain area winding along the banks of the Wang River–not to be confused with another Wang River (แม่น้ำวัง) which is one of the four northern rivers that flow into Thailand’s “Prince of Rivers”, the Chaophraya.  Mae Wang is really more of a mountain stream whose headwaters begin just south and

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Hiking Chiang Mai’s “Sticky Falls” — How This Rare Natural Wonder Got Its Super SpiderMan Power

Sticky Falls, or Namtok Buatong, in Chiang Mai is a rare natural wonder formed from carbonates that give a Spiderman-like grip even under the water. Take a look and learn how it got there!

Doi Langa Noi Hike

This hike starts at Wat Mae Ton วัดแม่ตอน. The drive to the wat, on Road 1252, which comes off of Highway 118, winds through lovely mountain scenery with a plethora of charming coffee shops. From the Wat, turn right and look for the small brown signs with white lettering for Doi Langa. The trail is

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