Will a Robot Concierge Be Making Your Next Restaurant Reservation?

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A trilingual robot is greeting guests and answering their questions in an Italian hotel, and self-improving with each guest interaction. The robot has the capability to learn new things and improve its abilities through artificial intelligence…the more guests Robby Pepper the Robot speaks to, the better it gets at understanding accents, the subtle meaning of questions, and at providing a relevant answer in Italian, English, and German.

Robby Pepper stands at the front desk of an Italian hotel in Peschiera del Garda. AP photos

This is the wave of the future. An international robotics industry group forecasts up to a 25 percent increase in sales of professional service robots every year through 2020.

Will the Robot Revolution take over our jobs? Probably not quite so fast; one manager at a car dealership that employs AI robots to answer customer questions says, “In our sector I don’t see the human factor, empathy, comfort, being replaced by a machine,”

We can give ourselves an advantage by developing the skills that AI and machines will have the biggest challenge to master–our “soft power skills.” Those are the human interaction skills that attract others to join us in making meaningful change, such as leadership, motivation, goal-setting, creativity, and decision-making.

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