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Do You Want Success & Satisfaction in Your 2019 Goals?

Structure Goals So You Believe You Have a 70% Likelihood of Success. Research in positive psychology has shown that we have a much higher rate of success when we believe that we can succeed, and when the goal is set at just the right level of difficulty. We’re not likely to scale Mount Everest, but hiking small

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The East-West Divide in Thinking

Studies in western societies show people have an inflated view of self. Whether it’s drivers, students, or college professors, most rate their own abilities as higher than others, & westerners evaluate themselves as unique in ways they aren’t. This overconfidence bias, however, appears to weaken as it crosses the East-West divide.  An experiment may suggest

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Will a Robot Concierge Be Making Your Next Restaurant Reservation?

A trilingual robot is greeting guests and answering their questions in an Italian hotel, and self-improving with each guest interaction. The robot has the capability to learn new things and improve its abilities through artificial intelligence…the more guests Robby Pepper the Robot speaks to, the better it gets at understanding accents, the subtle meaning of

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