Making Pro-Pro Charts To Overcome Biases

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Are you a Microsoft or Apple fan?

For over 30 years 2 tech giants have used very different marketing strategies, with avid fans on both sides of the argument. With strong biases, many are either avid Apple or Microsoft fans with no in-between. But if you were looking to these as models to decide your own strategy, how could you make an optimum decision?

One superior method is to set up extremes, setting aside critical comments (at 1st), and learning to fall in love with the best of both models. This is the Integrative Thinking method of Dr. Roger Martinin Creating Great Choices.

The 2ndof 4 steps in the method helps us overcome confirmation bias by making a Pro-Pro chart, rather than Pro-Con. Take the tough either/or choices – i.e. exclusive product that controls quality vs inclusive with more compatibility; centralize vs decentralize; standardized vs customized product – and find the good in each extreme. From there, use integrative methods to find a better solution.

Listen to Dr. Roger Martin explain Integrative Thinking

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