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Chimps, Children, & the Copycat Conundrum

In a surprising experiment, children tended to copy actions of an adult demonstrator, even irrelevant steps, to get a reward, whereas chimpanzees disregarded useless steps to get to the food. Do we do things just because “that’s the way we’ve always done it”?

Hearing & Unhearing Patterns in Chaos

Are you skilled enough to listen to this recording and hear a hidden message? Once you’ve learned the hidden message, can you listen without hearing it? Our brains are prediction machines, constantly using experience to make sense of the present & anticipate the future. Sometimes we look at our environment & just see noise &

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Can You “Unhear” Confirmation Bias?

You are constantly changing…the “You” before you heard the recording and the “You” after the recording are like 2 different beings. Once we hold a pattern in our brains, it becomes very difficult to undo it, & our brain will easily seek out similar patterns. When we acquire a certain belief, we’ll see things that

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Try This Quiz to Find Your Thinking Style

Three types of thinking styles tend to reflect your cultural background. Try this quiz to see how you think!