Planning to Make a New Year’s Resolution?

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Make Goals in Your Circle of Control

Are you ready to make a New Year’s resolution?

Step one to avoiding frustration and defeat…make sure you have control over the required inputs for achieving the goal. For example, making a goal to get promoted to head of your department may seem good, but you don’t control promotions.

Instead, your goal could be to obtain an additional certification or skill that increases your chances of promotion.

We can imagine ourselves living in a series of spheres, with the first sphere being that which we control—things we can learn for ourselves, do for ourselves. 

The next sphere is that which we can influence—convincing others to provide resources or assistance that we can’t provide alone. 

Finally, there are many things that might stress or concern us, but into which we have very little or no input. The closer your goal is to the inner circle, the more chance of success you will have in achieving it.

The basic concept of circles of concern, influence, and control come from the late Dr. Stephen Covey. He gives a detailed explanation here:

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