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Meet Your Goals! Free Action Plan Workshop

Did you make any resolutions for 2019? How’s that going so far? Please enjoy & learn from this free, practical workshop on choosing goals, making an action plan, and succeeding at accomplishing them based on scientifically-based principles. More free materials are available at https://andamaninspirations.com/free-materials/ #SoftPowerSkills #Nspyr #InspireEmpowerChange

It’s Goal Time!

As the Cheshire Cat essentially told the aimless Alice in Wonderland, “If you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.” High Performance coach Brendon Burchard emphasizes that high performers “have more clarity on who they are, what they want, how to get it, and what they find meaningful and fulfilling.”  With that

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The Power of Self-Monitoring

Are you cynical about New Year’s Resolution hype? Many people roll their eyes or make jokes about making resolutions. This may result from past failure to effectively plan goal achievement, with follow-up honest monitoring of progress.  Author Brendon Burchard coaches the highest level performers in the world, & provides this helpful advice to self-monitor. Soft

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Build Your 2019 Action Plan!

Soft Power Skills Academy invites you to a free interactive online workshop via Zoom on goal-setting Tuesday 8 January at 7 pm. Network with like-minded achievers while you craft a better you for 2019. How to Sign Up: Send email request to Connect@SoftPowerSkills.com or 1. Go to  2. Download Free e-Book “Ready, Set, Goal!” on Setting

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Do You Want Success & Satisfaction in Your 2019 Goals?

Structure Goals So You Believe You Have a 70% Likelihood of Success. Research in positive psychology has shown that we have a much higher rate of success when we believe that we can succeed, and when the goal is set at just the right level of difficulty. We’re not likely to scale Mount Everest, but hiking small

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Planning a New Year’s Resolution? Make an Action Plan!

An action plan gets to the “nitty gritty” of how we will set ourselves up for success. Here’s how to do it: Make a table with five columns, labeled “Objective”, “Actions”, “Support/Resources”, “Progress/Feedback”, “Time Frame”. In the Objective column, state your stretch goal and then the specific, supporting goal. In the Actions column, commit to

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Make Yourself SMART in 2019

Thinking of making a New Year’s resolution? This graphic shows an example of how you might align your Big Picture stretch goals with the more specific SMART method of setting goals. Specific: Make it simple and concrete. Avoid vague statements. Measurable: Describe in measurable terms what success looks like. Achievable: Ensure you have control and

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Planning to Make a New Year’s Resolution?

Make Goals in Your Circle of Control Are you ready to make a New Year’s resolution? Step one to avoiding frustration and defeat…make sure you have control over the required inputs for achieving the goal. For example, making a goal to get promoted to head of your department may seem good, but you don’t control promotions. Instead,

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When Setting Goals Becomes TOXIC

When I was in the US Air Force, I witnessed several examples of the downside of goal-setting. The structure of promotion often rewarded holding certain positions over the actual performance in the position. One example particularly sticks in my mind of a “fast burner,” or someone on the fast promotion track, who was shifted over

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Create a Better Story of Yourself

Life is difficult, and we will encounter challenges. We’ll come to places where we need to step up and grow. This is a common story about everyone, told in different ways. Here’s one story about making a decision to change…to break barriers. Your Story: Your Experience of Soft Power Skills Academy from Soft Power Skills

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