Make Yourself SMART in 2019

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Thinking of making a New Year’s resolution? This graphic shows an example of how you might align your Big Picture stretch goals with the more specific SMART method of setting goals.

Specific: Make it simple and concrete. Avoid vague statements.

Measurable: Describe in measurable terms what success looks like.

Achievable: Ensure you have control and the resources to accomplish the goal.

Relevant: Align with your life purpose, principles, and stretch goals. The wrong emphasis in goal-setting can cause people to focus on short-term gains only, without consideration for strategic development.

Time-bound: Goals are dreams with a deadline.

Soft Power Skills Academy invites you to a free interactive online workshop via Zoom on goal-setting Tuesday 8 January at 7 pm. Network with like-minded achievers while you craft a better you for 2019. Send a message to to join.

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