Hearing & Unhearing Patterns in Chaos

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Are you skilled enough to listen to this recording and hear a hidden message?

Once you’ve learned the hidden message, can you listen without hearing it?

Our brains are prediction machines, constantly using experience to make sense of the present & anticipate the future. Sometimes we look at our environment & just see noise & chaos. But our brains want to find patterns, even in randomness. This is why ancients found mythical figures in the positions of stars, or familiar shapes in the moon. 

In modern times, we do the same thing with data. We find things that we want to find based on our experience & desires. Once we find a pattern, it’s hard not to see it every time we look. 

This is not always a bad thing. Seeing patterns out of chaos can lead to creative innovation. 

But because we get stuck on what we have experienced, it can also suppress our creativity, closing our minds to other options or viewpoints. That’s the danger of confirmation bias. 

Learning to grow & improve requires a balance of making sense out of chaos, while understanding our tendency to see only what we’ve experienced or want to see.

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