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Why You’re Wasting Time Arguing Politics on Social Media!

Whether in the US or Thailand, tribalism & heated debate over politics has reached an epidemic level. But as much as we’d like to believe that our logical arguments should persuade anyone with a little common sense, it doesn’t appear that our brains are built to change belief on presentation of facts that don’t fit

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Learning From Disaster: Challenger & Columbia Shuttle Incidents

28 January was the 32nd anniversary of the Challenger Space Shuttle disaster, and 1 February will be the 16th anniversary of the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster. These incidents both have extremely important and valuable lessons to learn. Their causes share some common attitudes and behaviors that deserve attention. If you’re curious about these incidents, please

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Lessons From NASA Disasters: When Curiosity Deficits Kill

Curiosity comes naturally to children…but adults think they already know everything, and lose the soft power skill of being incessantly inquisitive. It may kill cats, but curiosity is essential for a highly innovative and reliable organization—a HIRO—to function well. Two heart-breaking disasters in NASA’s history demonstrate how important it is to constantly stay curious.

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