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A 2018 Reading Review

It’s that time of year for thoughtful reflection & self-assessment. I often wish I were a faster reader…I started 2018 with a longer & different list of books to read, but time & circumstances took me to unexpected paths. Overall, though, it’s been a fruitful year of discovering: • fascinating views of cultural differences in

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Mind Tricks

Things aren’t always as they seem. But we may prefer it that way. Sometimes we want to be deceived. The power of expectation helps us enjoy life more. Imagine this story as Daniel Ariely tells it in his book Predictably Irrational:  A Hungry Traveler’s Tale “Imagine walking into a truck stop off a deserted stretch of

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What’s the Price of Trust?

Trust is important in economies for reducing the cost of trade. But the marketplace has been a place where a few bad actors have driven down the general social level of trust. Behavioral economist Dan Ariely & some other researchers set out to measure how much trust people have in the market. They set up

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18 Ways to Make a Bad Decision

We like to think we make reasonable, rational decisions…but there are many more pitfalls than we realize leading to irrationality. The first step in avoiding those traps is being aware of them. Come take a look at our complex mind, and how we often deceive ourselves.

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