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Our Irrational Vulnerabilities

Your decision-making is more vulnerable to irrational thought than you’re probably willing to admit, according to scientists. Dr. Ariely describes experiments showing “anchoring,” in which an unrelated piece of information, just by being received first in a decision-making sequence, influences our decisions. For example, he had students write down the last 2 digits of their

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Motivation 101: Why Rewards Don’t Work, but Satisfying 3 Critical Needs Does

In today’s world, much of the effort to motivate others is based on an outdated model of carrots and sticks. Extrinsic rewards often do very little to satisfy, and may even damage, our deeper psychological needs of Autonomy, Relatedness, and Competency. Dive in to understand our critical needs, why autonomy and meaning in work is so essential, and how extrinsic rewards can interfere with achieving competency.