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Freedom Fighters in Backwater Krabi: The World War II Experience

It was a horrifying sight in a war filled with horrifying sights. But the other atrocities were just stories that 10-year-old Little Red had heard. This was real. A bloated corpse, barely recognizable as a Japanese sailor but for the anchor symbol on its sleeve and a scarf with Japanese characters pressing into its swollen

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The East-West Divide in Thinking

Studies in western societies show people have an inflated view of self. Whether it’s drivers, students, or college professors, most rate their own abilities as higher than others, & westerners evaluate themselves as unique in ways they aren’t. This overconfidence bias, however, appears to weaken as it crosses the East-West divide.  An experiment may suggest

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What do employers want and why is the education system failing them?

While the digitally-driven economy disrupts established ways, calling for workers with a balance of hard and soft power skills, the old education system is failing to produce what employers need. There is a solution. Just like Amazon, Uber, or Airbnb, technology can cut out the middle man in paradigm-shifting ways, connecting potential employees with employer needs, and motivating learners through autonomy, relatedness, and competency.